Macron considers that COP26 was “useful” although there were “regrets”

Emmanuel Macron affirmed this Tuesday that the COP26 climate conference, which ended last weekend, was "Useful", although there was "regrets but also progress" in the final commitment to try to limit global warming.

The French head of state was particularly satisfied with the commitment of some 200 countries to "accelerate reduction of coal use".

"We remain mobilized to achieve the next step: a coal exit announcement signed by the main emitters"said a series of tweets.

Macron also welcomed the fact that a hundred countries, representing "half of methane emissions", have agreed "reduce your emissions by 30% by 2030".

"Now we need the other half to commit", said.

The 200 countries gathered at COP26 adopted on Saturday in Glasgow an agreement, much criticized by NGOs, to accelerate the fight against global warming, without guaranteeing to limit the temperature to 1.5ÂșC or respond to requests for help from poor countries .


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