Macri warns Milei about what will happen in Argentina: “It will be a very tough six months”

Former President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri , met with him in the last few hours President elected Javier Milei . Various sources assure that both have analyzed the outcome and the formation of a new government based on a transition that will begin this Tuesday. Macri is claiming some of the success that Milei achieved in Sunday’s elections with a landslide victory over Peronist Sergio Massa, whom he defeated by almost 12 points and three million more votes. “We Argentines have understood the path of growth that comes from something fundamental that Javier Milei has, which is to tell the truth,” said the former president, who ruled Argentina between 2015 and 2019.

After the first official meeting between the two, Macri praised the new president’s figure, but warned him that “six very hard months” lie ahead, during which Milei must “stabilize Argentina” by “stabilizing Argentina.”a fiscal shock that leads to lower spending bestial“. Macri predicted this “If Milei succeeds in this stabilization, Argentina will take off.” For now, the newly elected president has already admitted that ending inflation (143%) “will take almost two years,” but at the same time he has ratified his plan to close the central bank. On the other hand, the dollarization of the Argentine economy will have to wait, another of his promises but one that does not fit Macrist’s ranks.

One of the first measures announced by the president-elect is this Privatization of several public companies, such as the oil company YPF, and the state media, which Milei sees as transmitters of Peronist propaganda. “Everything that can be in the hands of the private sector will also be in the hands of the private sector,” promised the election winner.

He also has to decide the direction of his foreign policy. During the campaign, Milei said that he would cut ties with Brazil and China due to the political orientation of these two countries, even though they are two of Argentina’s largest trading partners. This Tuesday is the China’s Foreign Ministry said it would be a “big mistake” for the new president to cut ties with “such major countries as Brazil and China.”

Macri assured that Milei would succeed him after four years from December 10th Peronist government of Alberto Fernández It is “many times worse” than what he himself had assumed in 2015 when he wrested the reins of the country from Kirchnerism. “The sequence of what the government of Alberto Fernández has done and the acceleration towards the abyss that Superminister Massa has given it in these 16 months is fatal. This crackdown on the dollar is a hundred times more complex,” the conservative politician said in an interview he gave to TN.

Faced with warnings of social mobilization that some sectors are expecting, Macri has encouraged young people to defend what was achieved in the elections: “Today there is a very deep popular mandate and, moreover, it is led by young people who it’s not.” I’ll stay home “if these gentlemen start throwing tons of stones. The young people will defend their opportunity,” he indicated. And he warned: “The orcs have to be moderate if they want to take to the streets to wreak havoc.”

One difference between the current moment of change in Argentina and his arrival is that “In 2015, I didn’t have a mandate for economic change, I had a mandate for moral change. “A healthy politics and culture of power, without corruption, with dialogue and relations with the world.”

He also pointed out that in his government “every time he tried to correct public spending and correct mistakes, everything went wrong.” “Now there’s a man who says he came with a chainsaw and he had a hell of a lot of votes, because people said that this system that impoverishes us every day is over.”

Macri declared his support for Milei days before the second round: “We understood that the little story about the state sorting everything out for you is a lie, that it has become, as Javier says, the tool of the caste. And you had to trust the work culture, believe in personal achievement and participate and be a protagonist,” he emphasized.

Argentine media expect that Milei’s new government will save former Macri officials and also the government of Carlos Menem, the ultra-liberal Peronist president who ruled Argentina in the late 20th century.

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