Macau Fringe Festival runs from January 20 to 31 with the theme “We are all artists”

Eighteen programs and 17 extension activities comprise the program of the 20th Macau Fringe Festival, which will take place between January 20 and 31, with the theme “We are all artists”, was announced today.

Macau Fringe Festival runs from January 20 to 31 with the theme “We are all artists”

“All around the city, our stages, our spectators, our artists” is the concept that this year’s edition puts into practice, calling on the community to “express their creativity” in exhibitions, workshops and shares, while extending “to the market, bar and tea house” the venues of the shows, “presenting the productions that make it possible to highlight the characteristics and cultural elements of the city from different perspectives”, he said in a statement the Cultural Institute (IC) of Macau.

Providing a practical opportunity for local producers and curators is one of Fringe’s goals, which presents Tracy Wong’s “On Site”, with four dance shows, dance workshops and sharing session, and “Todos Fest!” by the Comuna de Pedra Art and Culture Association, with three shows, workshops and seminars, aimed at the elderly and people with mental and physical disabilities, expressing life stories through dance.

The program also includes Focus for – Free by Kathine Cheong and Sueie Che, which tries to associate brain waves with images and encourages participants to be aware of the moments of focus and liberation, showing classic films by Stephen Chow and with 1991, from the Association of Art and Culture Commune of Han-Ian.

Three creators from different fields of art, Lao Ka Hong, O Chi Wai and Akitsugu Fukushima, get together before turning 30 to reveal themselves, interconnecting a visual installation with the body, sound and image.

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Among the 17 extension activities, such as ‘workshops’, exhibitions, sharing sessions, seminar, highlight for the online conference “WebConference: Connect with Festival Representatives”, in which three Fringe foreign curators, Julian Caddy ( Brighton), Rohit Chokhani (Vancouver) and Jo O’Callaghan (Adelaide) and a founder of FringeReview, Paul Levy, share festival curation experiences and explore the relationship between art, city, life and emotion.

In another activity, Fringe Chat, critics from Mainland China and Macao will circulate between various presentations during the festival and discuss the characteristics and rhythm of Fringe with the public and artists.

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