Lypovyy: “We don’t want to play against Spain”

Oleksandr Lypovyeaves of the Promise and that meets the Ukrainian national team in Córdoba to play tonight (20:45) a qualifying match for the World Cup, spoke to the media to confirm what was already suspected. that the situation in Ukraine’s concentration is tough and they are not in the mood to play a basketball game after knowing the start of the Russian invasion of his country since last morning. His family, like those of so many Ukrainians, is going through very delicate moments:

My mom, my brother and their family were trapped in Ukraine, in the heart of the attack 50 kilometers from the Russian border. and woke up today at five in the morning by the sounds of the guns. Now, as the situation is, we do not know how they will move to Europe, because their borders do not allow Ukrainians to come and they have been stuck in Ukraine. I’m very proud to say that we care about them, but we try not to panic and be strong like the whole country. We wish everyone to have peace, we send prayers to our army because now they are the ones who protect us.”

As for the match against Spain, the thought that predominates in the Ukrainian expedition is not to play, as confirmed by Lypovyy. Although the player makes it clear that this possibility does not seem to happen:

“It is not possible to be focused on the game on a day like today. The codes say that as soon as you’re on the court you’ll focus on the game, but today we can’t think about basketball. The best thing would be to cancel the game, but it is not possible and we will try to play and do well. This is how we feel. we don’t want to playbut it is also possible that we can send him the message that we will play for our country.”.

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