The town hall of Lyon confirmed this Thursday, September 30 that at the start of the 2022 school year, the cordon bleu will disappear from the city’s school canteens.

This mixture of turkey breadcrumbs, ham and melted cheese makes it irresistible to schoolchildren, but cordon bleu is accused of being an ultra-processed food and therefore bad for health and the environment.

In this context, the ecologist town hall of Lyon has therefore decided to deprive it, from next year, of a school canteen. Gautier Chapuis, councilor in charge of local food and food security, did not mince his words explaining that “the cordon bleu is a bit the spearhead of ultra-processed food products”, and “that ‘as such it no longer has a reason to be in the menus of Lyon students. “

A controversial decision

This symbolic gesture is intended to be a further step towards the 100% organic food desired by the ecological mayor Grégory Doucet. The latter says he wants to offer Lyon students “meals from canteens, nurseries and schools from 100% organic farming” but also made with “50% of locally sourced food.”

However, this decision is not unanimous. Eric Ciotti, LR deputy for Alpes-Maritimes, felt that this is only a new roundabout way of banning meat in the canteen. On Twitter he rebelled: “May these ideologically far left mayors leave our children alone!” Behind fallacious reasons, this measure is ideological: meat is forbidden in canteens. Our children are not your guinea pigs! ”

Same story with the deputy LREM of the Rhône, Bruno Bonnell who declared about the ban on the cordon bleu: “The same week in Lyon, we win a Bocuse d’or and we lose a cordon bleu … go understand? “.

For some Internet users humor is in order, “blow hard for Emmanuel Macron”, a reference to the misadventure of the President of the Republic who was not entitled to a cordon bleu during a visit to a canteen during his 2017 presidential campaign.


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