Lyon: he is assaulted in the tram after asking a man to stop smoking (video)

The Lyon tram was the scene of a violent altercation between two passengers. In question: a lit cigarette in the train … a few meters from a baby.

In a video captured by a cell phone, we can indeed see a father asking a man, smoking in the train, to put out his cigarette. His daughter, a few weeks old, is right behind, as local media reports Lyon Mag.

But the remark was not at all to the taste of the passenger. The tone is then raised between the two individuals until the smoker lands a punch at his interlocutor.

There followed a few exchanges of blow between the two men, before people rush around them to separate them.

According to Lyon Mag, the exact date and place of this altercation is unknown for the moment. In addition, no complaint would have been filed, specifies the same source.

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