Lydia Valentín receives the tribute from Camponaraya

Camponaraya paid a new tribute to its most international athlete, Lydia Valentín, on Thursday. A recognition that, as the lifter herself recognized, is perhaps the most special, since “It is something that will last a lifetime in the place where I was born and where I thought it could be achieved.” From today, A metallic figure created by the sculptor Pepe Amigo represents the Berciana weightlifter at the entrance to her town, on the Camino de Santiago.

Mayor, Eduardo Morán, thanked Lydia “for having put the name of Camponaraya in the world” and put his most universal citizen as an example that “from a small town and with very humble means you can reach the highest heights”, recalling the beginnings of Lydia Valentín with her first coach, Isaac alvarez, who was the one who convinced her to practice weightlifting.

The president of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alejandro Blanco, was also present at the opening ceremony of the sculpture., to which Morán thanked her for her efforts to get Lydia to receive “the medals stolen by doping” in Beijing 2008 and London 2012, a silver and a gold that the lifter from Bercia received years later at the COE headquarters.

Blanco referred to this fact, noting that “Lydia has had a fight against herself, against rivals and against the system” and “the greatest battle she has won has been against what I don’t know, against what is forbidden”. In addition, the president of the COE highlighted the figure of Lydia Valentín “above her medals and world and European titles” and reminded those attending the event that the berciana “She is the best weightlifter in the world”.

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Excited and optimistic

Obviously excited to remove the canvas that covered her statue, Lydia Valentín thanked Camponaraya for this tribute “in a year that did not turn out as expected, so an act like this makes me much more excited.” In this sense, the lifter continues to recover from the injury that prevented her from performing at her best in Tokyo, which she acknowledged that “it is a bit complicated, because it is also somewhat degenerative, but I am waiting for results and I have the whole year to recover and to return in January one hundred percent “.

In this regard, Alejandro Blanco reminded Lydia of his words when he got off the stage in Tokyo, where he told her that “see you in Paris.”

A sculpture with a metaphor

Refering to sculpture made by local artist Pepe Amigo, represents Lydia Valentín lifting weights crowned by the Olympic rings and is made with small metal cylinders which, according to the author, “are like the little pieces that create the life of an athlete”. The set is completed with a monolith in which the titles obtained by the Berciana lifter appear, which has a small frame from which to contemplate the main sculpture.

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