Luxury poster for a new edition of Madrid Vintage Run

This next Sunday, June 11, a new edition of the Madrid Vintage Run will be held, a 10-kilometre race that counts for the Mapoma Running League by AS. Starting at Bravo Murillo and finishing at Puente del Rey, the route is very fast and is designed to fly.

For this reason, many professional and popular athletes come to try to beat their best times. This is the case, for example, of Africans Gemechu Dida (27:12), Bravin Kipkogei (27:12), Emmanuel Kiprop (27:13), Kiprono Sitonik (27:14) and Abel Bekele (28:35). National athletes of the stature of Ayad Lamdassem (27:45), Jesús Ramos (27:49), Juan Antonio ‘Chiki’ Pérez (27:46), Yago Rojo (28:21) and Fernando Carro ( 28:28).

The favorable unevenness of the route will allow athletes, professionals and amateurs, to leave a great mark. The numbers, which cannot be requested on the day of the race, must be picked up between this Friday and Saturday at the Mapoma Run Center.

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