Home Sports Lunin’s titanic resistance at Real Madrid has consequences: he leaves

Lunin’s titanic resistance at Real Madrid has consequences: he leaves

From the merengue environment there will be a movement that has a lot to do with the Ukrainian

Andriy lunin It will continue to be the alternative to Courtois at Real Madrid. The 24-year-old goalkeeper refuses to leave the Merengue team despite the doubts he has left in the preseason that Carlo Ancelotti’s men are ahead of in the United States. That titanic resistance with the account could have consequences.

Let’s remember that Lunin arrived several seasons ago at Real Madrid, but has not been able to take ownership. He has added very few minutes since he has been in the shadow of Thibaut Courtoi, who is the number 1 for the whites. Despite this, he has always wanted to continue in Chamartín while waiting for an opportunity.

Lunin will leave Real Madrid
The Ukrainian continued at Real Madrid, which led to a departure

Lunin resisted leaving Real Madrid and this would have a great loser who will play in the Second Division

In this way, it has been possible to establish that there would be a great loss with the continuity of the Ukrainian in the merengue environment. There is a player who will have to say goodbye to the Santiago Bernabéu team, since it will hardly be relevant for the Italian coach. We are talking about Luis López, the third white goalkeeper.

In that order of ideas, this talent that has left La Fábrica del Real Madrid will have to leave on behalf of Andriy Lunin. The plans that Ancelotti’s men had at the start of the market were to leave the Ukraine international and give way to the 22-year-old from Murcia. This can no longer be, since his contract ended and was not renewed.

Luis López will play at Mirandés after not having a place in the Bernabéu club

López joins Karim Benzema, Marco Asensio and Mariano Díaz, all with zero-cost starts. Also, it is another of the promises of the academy of the meringues that will not be able to fulfill his dream of playing in the first team. In addition, Sergio Arribas and Rafa Marín would be about to take this same path.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. For now, what Real Madrid will have to do now is look for a new third goalkeeper. There are several alternatives, but the ones that earn the most are those of the subsidiary. Mario de Luis and Lucas Cañizares could have a chance.

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