Lunin tests Ancelotti and challenges Kepa

Thibaut Courtois’ unexpected injury At Real Madrid it was hard to stomach. The Belgian was basic piece in the team structure and they had not calculated The possibility of that he was injured for the whole season. They had Lunin behind themwhom Ancelotti invited in vain this summer because the Ukrainian, despite his knowledge, decided to continue His role would be to stand in his partner’s shadow. When Thibaut collapsed, Ancelotti defended Lunin, saying it was all “Talent” and that he just lacked “Confidence”;.

The Italian had no choice but to boost the Ukrainian’s self-esteem on the eve of the visit to San Mamésone of the toughest pitches in the league. Lunin performed well with the support of the team, with a good game, without mistakes and little demanded. However, three days later Madrid signed Kepa to replace Courtoisin a movement that aims to be his relief under sticks crowding out the “talent & rdquo;”. that in case of force majeure it should be owner, and thatdragged the cross of “lack of self-confidence” the one that the Italian has denied him for the last two years.


Real Madrid visit Almeria on Saturday (7:30 p.m.) and on There is great expectation as to what decision Ancelotti will make, whether to keep Lunin under control or whether to give Kepa the alternative five days after landing on the computer. If he takes the second path, he will finally condemn the Ukrainianshowing that he doesn’t trust him, that Lunin’s trust issue is in the Italian’s mind and not the player’s mind He stayed with the team, waiting for the opportunity to show he had “talent”. being the goalkeeper of Real Madrid.

But Lunin, an introvert with a low profile, It withstands a frustrated project. “He will not be the second goalkeeper. He will work to be first,” his wife replied. on the networks to those who have asked him if everything will be business as usual for him with Kepa. It’s hard to believe they brought in Kepa to replace Lunin, but it’s also difficult to understand why Real Madrid He has a player he signed five years ago for being the best goalkeeper in the U-20 world and doesn’t let it show. Should Ancelotti relegate him, the Ukrainian has time to leave before September 1.

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