LUNA 2.0: This happens tomorrow at 08.00 with Terra!

Terra 2.0 will be launched tomorrow morning (on Saturday 28 May). Even now there are still a lot of questions. What will happen to the old LUNA? And with the new LUNA? When exactly will you get your new LUNA? And how much do you get? In this video I answer these questions that are most relevant to the vast majority of you.

Terra (LUNA) launch

First, it is important to note that the old LUNA tokens will be renamed Luna Classic (LUNC) and the new tokens will be called LUNA. Maybe a little confusing at first. I personally think that LUNC (the ‘old LUNA’) will rather become a kind of meme coin, because it will not necessarily have more real value, because that system will no longer be very relevant. The developers are switching to Terra 2.0, the ‘new LUNA’. What will happen to the new LUNA remains to be seen. Nobody knows. It all depends on the trust people have in Terra 2.0.

We also talk about the airdrop in the video. When will you get your new LUNA? How does that work with Terra itself, Bitvavo and Bitcoinmeester, among others? And do you have to do anything to get your tokens? I’ll give a few examples to illustrate how much new LUNA you get. And when exactly those new tokens will become available. Furthermore: be aware of the enormous risks associated with this project! Stay safe!

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