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Lula is the candidate of democracy

Lula is the candidate of democracy

From Rio de Janeiro

Brazil has lived almost half the time without democracy in the last 90 years. The right broke democracy twice, in 1964 and in 2016. Always supposedly to defend her.

While Brazil was experiencing a more or less long period of democracy -from 1945 to 1964- the right was already articulating itself, with the founding of the Escola Superior de Guerra, directed by Golbery do Couto e Silva and Carlos Castelo Branco, inspired by the ideology of National Security. A process that led to the 1964 coup that, in the name of defending democracy against an alleged coup plot to rupture democracy by Joao Goulart, imposed the most brutal dictatorship and prolonged history of Brazil: from 1964 to 1985.

In the democratic transition, the right managed to prevent the direct election of the first civilian president since 1960, promoting a democratic regime limited to the restoration of a liberal political system. Brazil, the most unequal country in the world’s most unequal continent, maintained these characteristics, inherited from the dictatorship, in democracy.

This period -from 1989 to 2016- had a neoliberal stage -with the governments of Collor and Fernando Henrique Cardoso-, elected and re-elected in democratic elections -1989, 1994 and 1994. In the second stage, the PT elected and re-elected presidents in 4 successive democratic elections – 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014.

Accumulating four successive defeats and with the prospect of continuing to be defeated -probably with Lula’s new candidacy-, the right broke democracy again, with the 2016 coup. A coup that included the overthrow of Dilma Rousseff without any crime that justified impeachment, the arrest and political trial of Lula da Silva -favorite to win in the first round- and the imposition of the victory of Jair Bolsonaro as president.

Once again, the polarization in Brazil occurred again between democracy and dictatorship. The type of authoritarian regime installed with the government of Michel Temer and continued with Bolsonaro represents a break with democracy.

Lula, in turn, represents the fight for the restoration of democracy. Elected and re-elected in democracy, he based his leadership on a democratic leftist party, his candidacy is not just a PT or leftist candidacy, but a candidacy that represents, today, the only possible way to restore democracy in Brazil.

The resistance to democracy has in the Bolsonaro government, with its support in the thousands of soldiers, who represent half of the evangelicals, and part of the media, its main obstacle. It relies on antipetism –whatever it is that still exists– and promotes all forms of cultural war against Lula and the PT, including robots and fake news, and on the neoliberal model, with the forces that still support that model.

To confront this bloc of forces, only a very strong leadership like Lula’s, which organizes an anti-Bolsonarist bloc, can bring together forces from the left, center and center right.

His program proposes the restoration of democracy and the implementation of an anti-neoliberal agenda, considering that it would promote the democratization of Brazilian society. It would rescue the active role of the State, as an inducer of economic growth, executor of social policies and promoter of the redemocratization of society.

Lula is the candidate of democracy, the candidate who joins all the forces that, in opposition to Bolsonarism, act to defeat the anti-democratic forces. Under Lula’s leadership, they joined the democratic bloc, whose goal is to restore a democratic state under the rule of law.

October electionsboth presidential and legislativewill be decisive. They will reinforce the regime of rupture with democracy or promote democratic forces as hegemonic.

Therefore, the Brazil’s future is decided this year, which is a year of transition for the country. Either for the consolidation of the current authoritarian regime or for the restoration of democracy in the country.

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