Lula insists on creating a “G20 for peace” in Ukraine with Latin American countries

International Writing (BLAZETRENDS).- The Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, insisted this Sunday from Abu Dhabi on creating a “G20 for peace” in Ukraine with the participation of Latin American countries and again pointed to the United States and the European Union for being “contributing” to the continuity of the war.

“The decision to go to war was made by two countries. And now what we are trying to build is a group of countries that have nothing to do with war, that do not want war, that want to build peace in the world, so that we can talk to both Russia and Ukraine.” Lula told reporters, after closing his visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Lula calls for dialogue to find a solution in Ukraine

The progressive president, who maintains a position of neutrality in the face of the conflict, affirmed that it is also “necessary” to speak with the “United States and the European Union” to “convince them that peace is the best way to establish any conversation process.”

In his opinion, the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Volodimir Zelensky, “do not take the initiative” to achieve peace, while “Europe and the United States end up contributing to the continuation of this war” by sending weapons.

“I think we have to sit at the table and say: enough is enough,” said the 77-year-old former trade unionist, who, before fulfilling his agenda in Abu Dhabi, made a state visit to China, where he met with his counterpart Xi Jinping. , with whom he also discussed the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

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Lula already said then from Beijing that the United States should “stop encouraging” the war and “start talking about peace.”

A G20 as in other crises

The progressive leader reinforced this Sunday that Brazil and China are interested in seeking peace and expressed his intention to “involve other Latin American countries.”

“I have already proposed creating a kind of G20 for peace. With the (financial) crisis of 2008, we quickly created the G20 to try to save the economy; now it is important to create another G20 to end the war and establish peace,” he demanded.

Lula has already shared his proposal with the presidents of France and the United States, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden, as well as the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, although it has not aroused much interest.

However, the Brazilian head of state, who has just completed the first hundred days of what is his third term, believes that “he is finding a group of people who prefer to talk about peace and not war” and that his initiative “will work”. .

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