Lula da Silva gave a keynote address at a Paris university

Former Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, gave a keynote speech at a Parisian university about Brazil’s place in the world of tomorrow. The Brazilian leader was invited to speak at the prestigious Sciences Po as part of his tour of Europe after meeting with European parliamentarians in Brussels and with the winner of the German parliamentary elections, the Social Democrat, Olaf Scholz.

Master lecture

Lula da Silva was received with ovations and applause at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris (known as Sciences Po) where he gave a special lecture entitled “What place for Brazil in the world of tomorrow?” In the same place where 10 years ago he was the first Latin American leader to receive the title of honorary doctorate, the former president made a journey through the years of his government, the advances in social inclusion and foreign policy, while criticizing the current administration of President Jair Bolsonaro.

“It is a privilege to return to this historic amphitheater where I was exactly 10 years ago to receive my honorary doctorate degree.”Said the former Brazilian president who also thanked the support received by the Lula Libre committee in France while he was imprisoned for 580 days. In March, the highest court in Brazil recognized the political persecution and bias exercised by former judge Sergio Moro against Lula.

“By proscribing my person, what was intended was to annihilate the project of a more just, sovereign country, committed to environmental sustainability and democratically integrated into the world. that the governments that the Workers’ Party represented and continue to represent in Brazil, ”said the former president.

Global challenges

“When I was here in September 2011, the world still suffered the impacts of the great crisis of capitalism of 2008, the result of unbridled and uncontrolled financial speculation, “recalled Lula, who in turn affirmed that from that moment on the warning about the harmful effects of the climate change they were on the agenda.

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“Ten years later, humanity’s fundamental challenges remain the same. The urgency to address them is growing.”, he pointed. “An urgency compounded by pandemic that continues to devastate especially the populations of the poorest countries, in addition to those whose governments denied science or, worse, invested in death, as has happened in Brazil“, he remarked.

The former president recalled that during his tenure “Brazil became the sixth largest economy in the world”. “In 12 years, we created 20 million formal jobs, we increased the minimum wage by 74% and, thanks to a set of programs, the best known of which is the Bolsa Família, we have lifted 36 million people out of poverty. In 2012, Brazil was removed from the UN Hunger Map“, he stressed.

In this sense, the Brazilian leader stated that “The undisguised objective of the coup is to reverse the project of a sovereign country, focused on economic, social and environmentally sustainable development, with job creation and income distribution for the vast majority historically excluded”

Before his keynote talk Lula had lunch with the mayor of Paris, and a socialist candidate in the next French presidential elections, Anne Hidalgo. The mayor received him with a hug while expressing her support for those who consider her “Friend” and a “visionary”.


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