Lukaku’s new target for 2024/2025 will be announced

According to Italian journalist Fabio Santini, Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, who has been on loan to Roma from Chelsea this season, is ready to leave the club as he has reportedly accepted an offer from Saudi Arabia, ending his stellar time in Europe ended for its passage through various sizes without much notoriety.

During an interview on TV Play, Santini hinted at the Belgian player’s possible exit by commenting: “Lukaku? A return to Juventus is unlikely as he has accepted an offer from Arabia. This is what I say to the Roma fans at the end of the year, it is certain: Romelu will leave,” he said.

Goodbye Europe

These statements indicate a change in Lukaku’s future and raise doubts about his continuity at the Italian club. Although accepting an offer from Saudi Arabia is suggested, the information has not been made official by either the player or the club, so the Belgian striker’s final destination remains uncertain.

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