Lukaku and Vlahovic in Real Madrid’s final casting for Season 9

From the merengue club, they continue to wait for the new striker who could join the club as the market progresses

Real Madrid are still looking for a 9 after failing to do so again by Kylian Mbappé and two names are gaining strength: Romelu Lukaku and Dusan Vlahovic. Both forwards join Julián Álvarez in the final stage where the Meringues have agreed to make a cash-cash in that demarcation. Despite Joselu, it is necessary to have another element there.

Let’s remember Lukaku’s name rose to prominence around Real Madrid this week. The Belgian is still unsure about his future and knows he won’t be relevant at Chelsea. In turn, Inter Milan have put the goalscorer’s offer on hold so that he will be available on the market.

LukakuReal Madrid
Lukaku is on the meringue radar

Romelu Lukaku and Dusan Vlahovic on the home stretch for Real Madrid’s new 9

In this way, it was established that Vlahovic will also wait until the end to decide where he will play. He won’t continue at Juventus, a club hoping to sell the Serbian forward for a million dollars in that market. Of course, given its value, it’s a much more complex maneuver.

In this order of ideas, Real Madrid is all about waiting for Mbappé but they require temporary measures and the best name for them is Lukaku. He could be loaned out for a year and that would be crucial as the investment Florentino Pérez and his company would make would not be significant.

The Belgian enjoys a certain preference in the merengue environment as it is not a high investment

Although he isn’t having a good moment right now, the Belgian striker has had some interesting performances throughout his career. That’s what they expect from Carlo Ancelotti’s teamwho in turn hopes to have filled all the places in the squad well before what appears to be quite a challenging season.

We will then have to wait and see what can happen with this movement. At the moment there are crucial days ahead to decide what will happen with the future of several pending surgeries at Real Madrid and about Lukaku and Vlahovic It might be resolved in the next few days. Expectations are pretty high.

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