Luka Romero calls Mallorca sorry to return in summer

The 18-year-old Argentine footballer is one of the great talents of world football, but he is not at all happy with the opportunities he is having at Lazio

In the 2020/2021 season a young luka romero began to emerge in the Majorca. Vicente Moreno gave him the opportunity when he was only 15 years old and against Real Madrid, attracting the attention of all the great European football clubs, who were looking to get the services of one of the greatest talents in world football. However, his flame has been gradually extinguished.

After making his debut with the vermilion club shirt, the 16-year-old Argentine soccer player chose to leave. He did it towards Italian football, signing with Lazio until 2023. But in Italy he has not had the expected opportunities and everything indicates that he will look for a way out again to continue his development. AND Mallorca is one of the best options that Luka Romero has.

Luka Romero still does not have minutes in Serie A

Luka Romero, sorry for having left Mallorca

In his first season in Italy, where he was alternating his participation with the first team and the subsidiary, he only played 13 games. In total there were 401 minutes of play, a very low number for a player of his quality and potential. But that’s not the worst of it. And the worst thing is that his participation has not improved this season.

This year, as a first-team player, he has participated in 11 games, but has only added 264 minutes of play. He is now in a few key months for his future, as his contract ends in June and he has to make an important decision. many are the clubs interested in giving Luka Romero a chancebut the player wants to make sure he has minutes.

Luka Romero considers the opportunity to return to Spain

Despite the fact that the big teams like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona would be interested in incorporating the player, Luka Romero prefers other options. And it is that he does not want to play in a subsidiary, because he considers that he is already prepared for the elite. That is why his objective is to get started in a first European league and gain experience before taking the big leap in his career.

At the moment it is unknown what the player’s decision will be, but everything indicates that he will not continue in Italy. Now it remains to be seen if the possibility of Luka Romero returning to Mallorca it is real or not, although it could be a beneficial operation for both parties. It was as it was, it will be necessary to keep waiting to see how his future is resolved, because it will not be until the end of the season when it is known.

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