Luiz Felipe, three injuries in six months

Louis Philippe He fell back injured and had to be replaced prematurely in the duel of the Betis before him Barcelona. The former Lazio central defender is suffering a calvary of physical problems in the season of his debut in Spain, which together with the sanctions with which he has been punished has caused the number of parties what has been lost be very high.

In six months have been three the injuries that Luiz Felipe has suffered. The first occurred in the Betis-Athletic Madrid on October 23 and was out five games. The second, on the visit to United on March 9, with three games being lost. Now, he remains to be seen if he has definitively said goodbye to the season.

Between injuries, sanctions and games in which he could not play because he had not yet been registered, Luiz Felipe has been lost a total of 14 matches.

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