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Luiz Felipe sparks a scathing reaction in the Betis dressing room

Finally, the Italian-Brazilian defender has left the Heliopolitano team and the saddest person about his departure is not Manuel Pellegrini, one of those who most insisted not to sell the talented footballer.

The transfer window has also closed in Asia, but Al-Ittihad made it before that Louis Philippe from Real Betis. Finally, the operation was completed at 22 million euros plus 3 million euros, leaving a more than obvious economic profit. However, Manuel Pellegrini states that it is an enormous sporting loss.

The fact that Luiz Felipe has left Betis leaves several fronts open that will be very difficult to recover from at the start of the season. Starting with the summer market for signing a guaranteed defenseman being closed. And the other thing, which is also urgent, is that they only have three defenses left to play in the league, the cup and the Europa League.

Luiz Felipe Betis
Al-Ittihad signed Luiz Felipe for €22 million plus €3 million. The player receives five times what he earned at Betis.

The enormous gap that Luiz Felipe left at Betis

With the defender’s departure, not only the defense regrets the incident, but the entire team has expressed their opinion about it. The first to speak out, on social networks, was Isco Alarcón, who, despite playing alongside the Italian-Brazilian for a short time, became good friends. “Dear, it was only a short time together, but we will miss you. I always wish you the best. Come back soon”.

Then full-back Juan Miranda did so with the following message. “I love you friend. You are so great. “We will miss you.” He was followed by goalkeeper Rui Silva. “My brother, I wish you all the luck in the world in this new adventure. We will miss you so much, crazy. We are together”. And the words of a Betic reference like Borja Iglesias could not be missing. “We will miss you, brother. I wish you the best in whatever comes next. You are a phenomenon.”

What happens next with Luiz Felipe’s departure from Betis?

Many are beginning to wonder what the general and sporting policy will do to fill the void left by the former Lazio. At the moment there are two options that fans don’t particularly like The ideal is that the deployment of the São Paulo defender would be completed before September 1st, in order to have scope and have his replacement hired.

What is done is done, and the solutions come from free agency or the grassroots. If they choose first, the player with the most votes is Benito Villamarín Zouhair Feddal. The Moroccan has already played for Betis and knows the dynamics of the team and the city. But if they decide to use the youth team, it is Andrés Caro who deserves the chance in the first team.

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