Luisle and Sevilla: expert and novel in the Giro d’Italia

Same illusion, same motivation, but through very different trajectories. One is a rookie, the other an expert from Veretano. We talk about Diego Pablo Seville (San Martin de la Vega) and Luis Leon Sanchez (Mule), which in this Italy spin They set out with the common objective of helping their respective teams and, who knows, if the conditions are right, achieving a stage victory. “We have been here in the Giro (EOLO) for three years now, three years that I was in the possibility of coming to race, that I was resisting. Now he has played and is very excited. In the end, the work pays off and here we are,” a Sevilla explained to AS that his 27 years old sees the dream fulfilled of debuting in a great tour in which no limits are set: “There will be days when it will be time to be on the run, in that part I hope I have some option of not just being on the run for being, but having the strength to catch a break that could reach the end and you never know, in the end a race like this is 21 days, 21 opportunities and you never know where it could be”.

However, thinking about his good conditions as a climber, Diego prefers not to forecast a specific day to try to shine: “I don’t have anything in mind, I think we will have to go day by day, interpret the race and see how some teams work, how some riders are doing and depending on that, we will see if there are possibilities or not”. All this without neglecting his leader, a Lorenzo Fortunato who gave an enormous boost to EOLO-KOMETA with his historic victory at Zoncolan in 2021: “Fortu is in the best shape we have seen him so far, he has shown it both in the Alps and in Asturias, so I think it is a nice opportunity. He will do well. We come with the intention of winning, of achieving a victory. This year we have real options”. And they have not been slow to meet expectations, since Davide Bais returned the team of Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso to the path of victory two years later at the Gran Sasso.

On the opposite side, that of being hardened in a thousand battles, Luisle faces a whopping 29th grand tour, This being his sixth Giro (the big one in which he has fewer presences). “We don’t have any rider for the general classification. We will try to go day by day. We have Cavendish on the team. We know that it is not easy to win in a sprint and they do not have a team for it, but we will try to do it in the best possible way”, explains the 39-year-old from Murcia about the Astana squad, which combines his eternal seniority and that of Cavendish together to other great promises like Samuele Battistela (24), U23 world champion in 2019. “We know that in a three-week race anything can happen at any time. And the best thing is to be prepared ”, adds Sánchez.

After a brief stint at Bahrain last year, Luisle returned this season to a Kazakh squad that he knows perfectly well (he was in his first stage from 2015 to 2021) and that has been immersed in a streak of discreet results for several years. . The versatile Spanish rider explains the reasons: “The team had to reinvent itself two years ago. There were many starts, including mine. In the end, these changes have suffered a bit and now it’s time to try to raise morale. We know that you also have to change the mentality that there was in Astana, a few years ago, to compete in three-week races. Now it is very difficult, almost impossible. It’s time to change the positivity within the team and that’s why we’re here”. Without a doubt, runners of his class can lead the way.

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