Luis Vargas will celebrate his 40 years in music at the United Palace

Luis Vargas the “Supreme King of Bachata” will celebrate his 40th anniversary in music and the show will take place on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at the United Palace Theater in Upper Manhattan.

Entrepreneur and music enthusiast Roy Chinchilla is working with the CEO of Cerro Music Group, Andrés Salce, to organize the renowned musician’s concert.

“We are delighted to announce that the 40th Anniversary of the concert of the great artist Luis Vargas will take place on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at the United Palace Theater in Upper Manhattan,” said businessman Roy Chinchilla in a press release.

The CEO of Cerro Music Group, Andrés Salce, will play a key role in organizing this concert, which will last two hours and will showcase the entire discography of Luis Vargas’ hits".

The United Palace Theater in upper Manhattan is a popular destination for events. It has seen some of music’s biggest stars celebrate their years of artistic careers with Latino audiences. Roy believes that the participating public and fans will not stop drinking and dancing during the two hours of this highly anticipated concert.

“I saw her myself”, “The Pain is back”, “Crazy with Love”, “I do not die in my bed”, “You regret it later”, “Ceniza Fría”, “That Woman” and “La Mesa del Rincón” are some of the many songs that are part of the entertaining collection that Luis Vargas "The Supreme King of Bachata" will make available to his fans. He will also share the story of his exciting musical journey with the audience.

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Luis Vargas will also sing with his friends, and his songs will be played at the concert along with other musical genres such as reggaeton, salsa and bolero.

According to Roy Chinchilla, the artist Luis Vargas wants to take advantage of this opportunity and the concert platform to invite his fans, friends and those who made a difference in his life. He wants everyone to enjoy a concert night that they will never forget in his life.

Roy Chinchilla has played a key role in the launch of many musical projects. He is a successful executive producer and has a powerful presence on all major digital platforms including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Chinchilla’s associations in the music industry include some truly big names like Osmir Garay, the renowned exponent of Bachatero, and notable celebrities like Ninel Conde, Niurka, Alcover and Brenda. He has managed to book dazzling digital star Brenda Zambrano as the lead model for her latest music video. She enjoys a great rapport with her manager Claudia Dávila and makeup artist Alberto Arana.

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