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Luis Suárez, the Metropolitan and the goal: an inevitable connection

The one of Luis Suárez and the fans of the Metropolitan Wanda was an inevitable idyll. They both missed each other for a long and long-suffering year, the first of 9 in Atleti, and now they have connected wonderfully. The Uruguayan arrived to score goals in an empty stadium and, until then, I knew him dressed as a Barça player, one more villain. But with his signing, the fans began to fantasize about how their goals would be in a Wanda to burst. For example, how would they have been celebrated his goals to Madrid or Osasuna of the past course. This Sunday, at last, the Metropolitan, even if it was 40%, he could roar with a goal from Suárez. And then, scared, the stands put their hands to their heads as they limped off: he has moderate edema in his left knee, so he does not go with Uruguay.

Against Elche, Suárez had his first minutes before the mattress fans. But against Villarreal he did it for the first time from the beginning. When the lineup rang over the public address, the “with the 9, Luis Suárez” was followed by a loud ovation, practically at the level that Simeone takes. Of course, the now classic “Uruguayan, Uruguayan” with which the fans cheered Godín, Giménez, Forlán, Petete Correa …

He scored in his first and only auction

Suárez was seen to be very active, but still far from his best form. Even shy to look for the goal. Had Sometimes a pass from Lemar, Correa, Carrasco … but never did he finish. And in the second half, when his replacement was already suspected, he made it 1-1. Llorente stole, Correa attended and Suárez, on his first and only shot, he scored. And the Metropolitan fell apart and trembled as if it were full even though they only attended 26,840 fans. And he chanted once more to the Uruguayan. One year late due to the pandemic, Suárez felt what it is like to celebrate a goal in front of his people.

Now, to the gunman It is your turn to recover from these knee discomforts. The footballer stays in Madrid during the break and saves the trip and the three games with his team. The goal is for him to arrive in time to visit Espanyol on September 12. He is the team’s striker and, now, he promises great nights at the Metropolitano.

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