Taking advantage of the departure of Cristian Tello, the Sevillian club wants the signing of the Andalusian attacker

It is not the first time that the Betis is launched by the signing of the extreme left Luis Rioja. In the last summer market, Antonio Cordón made an interesting proposal to the player, which in the end he accepted. However, he was the Alaves who was in charge of undoing the entire agreement since the player still has a contract until 2025.

For this one summer market They will try again, and more if Cristian Tello finally ends up leaving. At the moment the Sabadellian has not reached any renewal agreement with the green and white cluband will most likely head towards the Spanisha team that has constantly contacted him in this championship auction.

Betis Rioja
The left winger looks favorably on Betis’s offer, and more so if they are in an international competition.

The factor that facilitates the signing of Luis Rioja to Betis

With a contract in force until 2025, and with the background of the last summer market, everyone would believe that for this new transfer window the signing of the attacker will seem just as difficult. However, Antonio Cordón has a plan and has seen a weak point for Alavés, which he will not hesitate to attack.

The albiazul club is in the middle of the relegation zone and the chances of falling to the second division are very high. If so, Betis will request the signing of the left winger, and the same player will manage to get out of there, since he does not want to play in the silver league. In addition, the wage bill in LaLiga Smartbank is smaller, so Alavés must leave several talented players.

This is the perfect opportunity for Luis Rioja to sign with Betis

The Sevillian attacker will not only continue playing in the first division, but will also have the opportunity to play internationally. If things go as the Verdiblanco club is planning, Luis Rioja will be in the next edition of the Champions League. All this will happen if the Basque club ends up falling to the second division.

The attacker accumulates 2,953 minutes spread over 36 games, which makes him one of the most used footballers in the albiazul squad. He also has 2 goals and 6 assists under his belt. The characteristics please Pellegrini a lot and he would be the perfect replacement for Tello to occupy the attack on the left flank.


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