He won for the first time in Canary Islands Rally in 1994 and later repeated 2008. And now, to prove that ‘old rockers never die’, he is on his way to claiming his third win at the not inconsiderable age of 56. Luis Monzon returns to reign in his land and is one stage away from taking victory in the third round of the European Championship.

The one from Santa Brígida already showed his claws in the qualifying section, which in the first stage has dominated the classification with an iron fist. “I think that my better knowledge of the sections allows me to do a driving that ensures better tire management”, assured Monzón honestly, who traced the curves of the Gran Canaria sections with ‘pen lines’ but who still has several of his rivals. In the absence of the final day, with six sections and almost 100 timed kilometers, his advantage over the second classified, Nil Solans, it’s 8.4 seconds.

French goes third Yoann Bonato, 12.1 seconds, fourth Efrén Llarena20.3, and Enrique Cruz fifth, 27. The ‘coconut’ of the final stage is the Moya-Valleseco section, which with more than 27 kilometers could be the one that decides the victory in this edition of the Rally Islas Canarias that misses the stars of the Spanish Championship, a contest for which inexplicably it is not scoring this year.


1. Monzón-Déniz (Skoda), 59m 48.5s

2. Solans-Martí (Volkswagen), at 8.4

3. Bonato-Boulloud (Citroen), at 12.1

4. Llarena-Fernández (Skoda), at 20.3

5. Cruz-Mujica (Ford), at 27.0


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