Luis García Plaza: “Benavídez gives us a push but he has to measure more”

The coach said thatUntil the expulsion we were a little better than Zaragoza because they hardly had any chances and we didn’t take advantage of ours. I think that the rotations that we have done during the week has allowed us to win it. You had to find the context for each one in each game. And then the return of the captain was something important, for which I am very happy.

García Plaza added that “it was difficult for us because they base their game a lot on the centers. We had to make ourselves strong in the area and then, as always, show our commitment. If there is something left over for this team, it is commitment. In the second half we played a perfect match, not letting them do anything. I have to congratulate the players for their behavior and sacrifice.”

He also spoke about the fans and “the communion he has with the group because he is giving him everything. It’s easy to run when you have a whole stadium behind you pushing. Now we are going to rest for a few days because there is a break in the league. We play Cup but we are going to give a few days off. I also want to go home to see the family. I’ll give you until Tuesday“, he pointed.

The man from Madrid recognized that “there are more important players than others for a coach but they all have to be prepared from the bench or even if they are not called up. The important thing is that they are prepared and wanting to play and there is no doubt about that. In the case of Jason, for example, you have to thank him for how he is behaving despite not playing. His behavior is excellent and the goal has been a cucumber”.

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Regarding the expulsion of Benavídez, he recognized that “he is a player who gives us a lot of push but sometimes he has to measure more. Me I think he is well expelled since he has to realize that he cannot do that foul there. With the yellow one, I already react to the part where he kicks him”. In fact, it took place at the height of Mollejo’s twin.

He did not want to charge the inks against Zaragoza. “Football is a state of mind and when things don’t work out your legs feel heavier than usual. I think Carcedo is a good coach and what you have to do is give people confidence that they are working well”, he sentenced. The team from Vitoria will now rest for almost four days before starting to prepare for the Cup match against Lleida. In the Smartbank League, Abqar and Salva Sevilla already have four yellow cards.

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