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Luis Enrique resigns against Mbappé

Luis Enrique resigns against Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé’s situation at PSG has stunned everyone, including Asturian coach Luis Enrique. Since arriving at the Paris team, Luis Enrique has been adamant that he can harness the talented French striker’s potential and get the best out of the world champion’s sporting performance. However, the reality was more complicated than I had imagined.

PSG have faced a complex scenario with the exclusion of Mbappé from first-team discipline, a decision that has surprised many. But even more surprising was the motive behind the move. It was not the club’s president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who made the decision, but the Emir of Qatar who made the matter a state matter. The goal was clear: push Mbappé to extend his contract, a crucial goal for the Doha club.

As the newspaper reports BRANDAlthough Luis Enrique would have liked to have had Mbappé’s talent, he quickly adapted to reality and took on the challenge of once forming competitively with the players available. PSG have seen constant changes with players coming and going, which has made the Asturian coach’s job even more complex.

The atmosphere in the club is also tense due to the speculation and comments about Mbappé. His status as a leader not just at PSG but across France has put pressure on the team and the manager.

You want to focus on what is currently under your control

Luis Enrique is now focused on getting the best out of the squad, which continues to strengthen to face the challenges ahead. Despite Mbappé’s absence, the manager continues to work hard to meet fans’ expectations and achieve set goals.

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