Luis de la Fuente is under direct pressure from Real Madrid to kill Unai Simón

With the former Chelsea goalkeeper established as a regular in the Ancelotti-led team, the plan drawn up from the madridista environment has to do with the tactical functioning of the Spanish national team.

Although the Spanish national team won comfortably under the leadership of Luis de la Fuente, Unai Simón’s mistake worries Real Madrid. Most people know that one of the three goalkeepers from the Rioja coach is Kepa Arrizabalaga, who arrived on Madridist discipline should be the direct replacement for Thibaut Courtois.

The White team doesn’t trust Andriy Lunin and that’s why the Basque goalkeeper took over the starting position. The Merengue environment wants the same thing, but in the Spanish national team, ignoring the fact that Unai Simón has been the starting goalkeeper since 2021. The thing is that the madridista team has launched a campaign to put pressure on Luis de la Fuente with the aim of changing the starting goalkeeper.

Luis de la Fuente Unai Simon
The White fans are taking advantage of the fact that Kepa Arrizabalaga is already Real Madrid’s starting goalkeeper and want to catapult the Basque into the starting line-up of the Spanish national team.

Madridismo attacks Unai Simón for a normal error and calls for Luis de la Fuente for Kepa

The 7-1 win against the Georgian team left some La Roja fans with very positive feelings. But for others at Real Madrid, the goal scored by the opposing team was the most important thing and ignored everything else. Although this has one purpose, namely to make the Athletic goalkeeper aware of the mistake he made on Giorgi Chakvetadze’s goal.

The aim of a certain section of Merengue fans is to send a message to the Spanish coach to replace the starter due to the “gross mistake” Simón made. However, in the replay it can be seen that the goalkeeper lost the ball from his hands as the rain did not stop at the Boris Paichadze Stadium. A completely understandable mistake that didn’t affect the outcome of the game at all.

Madridism’s express request to Luis de la Fuente: Yes or yes, they want Kepa instead of Unai Simón

Aside from pointing out a mistake that even Thibaut Courtois himself could make, Madridismo’s aim is to promote Kepa Arrizabalaga. The Basque has been a member of the white discipline for a few weeks now and what better opportunity for him than to take over the Spanish national team with the Real Madrid seal.

What many ignore is that Luis de la Fuente has enormous faith in Unai Simón and will not crucify him for an almost imperceptible mistake. Even if the verdict had affected the final result, the coach would have remained loyal to the Lions goalkeeper. In this way, Real Madrid fans will have to continue to wait to see Kepa as a starter for La Roja, although that day would not be far away.

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