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Luis de la Fuente drastic decision: He will no longer play for Spain and may change his team

The national coach has made decisions that could result in a player representing another country

Luis de la Fuente continues to work hard in the Spanish national team, where he wants to implement his style. Part of the renewal he wants to implement has already taken place with the departure of several regular players, but in his opinion they have already fulfilled it. Therefore, names like Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba are no longer visible.

Let us remember that in this new phase Luis de la Fuente has top-class footballers. He has enough material for the changes he wants to make, and messages are generated from it when he announces a call. In this case, the first trouble would have already arisen.

Luis de la Fuente
De la Fuente could send a star to another team

Luis de la Fuente continues to get people talking with every call he makes and could now lead to a star moving to another team

And it is known that several players are interested in carrying out the process for EURO 2024 with Spain. There are many talents who can be very good, but for the coach there are players who are not yet ready to belong to the “Roja”. This is the case of a star who could change his team because he would not be taken into account by the coach.

Therefore, It has been confirmed that Brahim Díaz has suggested becoming part of the Spanish team. He wants to play in European competition, but that is far from the plans of Luis de la Fuente, who is already clear about which players will play in this area. Faced with this situation, the Real Madrid footballer has a plan B.

Brahim Díaz could play for Morocco if the “Roja” coach doesn’t give him a chance

If Brahim finally doesn’t get a place with Spain, might be worth being part of Morocco. Because of his family background, the footballer could represent one of the teams that was the protagonist at the World Cup in Qatar. They even spied him from this country at the Meringues game against Real Sociedad.

Currently, Luis de la Fuente The white player is not taken into account. Furthermore, his presence in Carlo Ancelotti’s team is not the best. He has a somewhat relegated role in which he barely adds minutes. He is a regular on the bench and it doesn’t look like that will suddenly change. We will then have to wait and see what might happen in this regard.

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