Transforming the Dominican Olympic Committee at all levels will represent Luis Chanlatte’s main mission if he wins the presidency of that organization in the elections scheduled to be held in the first week of December.

This is how the candidate himself affirmed it, after highlighting a series of projects that he has in the pipeline to execute if he receives the support of the majority of voters in the elections, which although there are several months to go, for a long time he has had a great part of the Olympic dome in a kind of “comidilla” of every day.

“If I win the presidency of the Olympic Committee, I will make some profound transformations, which break in every way with the structures that have been managed for a long time to have an institution open to all, which is not a kind of lodge,” Chanlatte said. in his conversation with Listín Diario.

“We have the same structures as 73 years ago when the Olympic Committee was founded, I think this is what we lack, to break with the existing schemes, which are very old and should be institutionalized,” he added.

For Chanlatte, breaking with the clientelism that currently exists in the COD, as well as with the belief that this entity is a kind of piñata, that we are all going to break it and distribute it, represent her north to follow. “I go against these concepts, what I want is to institutionalize it,” she said.

“I think that the Olympic Committee needs to be shaken from the inside out, that the Olympic movement needs to be shaken from the top down as well,” added Chanlatte, who is now the first vice president of the COD.

He adds that below the movement is going very well, it is a solid and honest base, made up of young people who have a very good level, with the ability to contribute. “What I sometimes think is that some break down along the way.

The president of the Dominican Wushu Federation did not hesitate to criticize many of the current leaders, whom he considered as obsolete figures, who want to lobby and patronize, either to stay in their own federation or to be part of the executive committee, I would like to break with this fact, ”he said.

“I want to break with this, I have been the difference in the Olympic movement, no one who has been inside has criticized their own organization as I have when I have understood that some aspects are not going well.”

“I have the will to make profound changes in the Dominican Olympic Committee, transform them in all orders,” he added.

Among these, he cited the fact of doing tourism with federations such as surfing, triathlon, pentathlon, sailing, rowing and canoeing, making the most of these entities, helping the Ministry of Tourism to develop sports facilities in the main tourist centers.

“This would be a great benefit for the country, but also for the rise of these sports disciplines, I want to do this type of activity,” he added.

Other aspects to be carried out during his administration in the event of winning the elections will be the construction of a modest and functional low-cost complex to house the sport of pentathlon, construction of a public bowling alley in the National District, construction of a rugby field, a of miniature golf on the boardwalk, a modest and functional roof for badminton.

Likewise, creation of a doping laboratory for sports medicine, managing the delivery of all the operations of the Carlos Teo Cruz Coliseum, remodeling and new artificial floor for the sport of hockey, remodeling of administrative areas and playing field in the Normal stadium , sponsor the construction of a center for Taekwondo among other aspects.


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