Luis Casimiro, presented this Tuesday as coach of Coosur Betis, said thate “It is an honor to return to Seville”, the city in which he directed in the 2015/16 season and to which he returns to replace the resigned Joan Plaza when the team is bottom.

Casimiro said that he felt “the moral obligation to be here” when he received “the call” from the Verdiblanco club, since he was “motivated by this challenge and was eager to go back to work” after being dismissed a few weeks ago from his position in that of the Greek Promitheas Patras.

The 61-year-old from Ciudad Real, affirmed that He does not come “to prove anything or look for anything” because he has “a career made”, but comes “to workr “with the awareness that” the important thing is not what you are going to do, but how you are going to do it “and despite the fact that” the team is bad “, he considered that he has joined” an exciting project “.

Casimiro stressed that “Betis saves basketball in Seville” when the club was going to disappear five years ago, and that “is something” that no one has to “tell” him because he has “lived it in the first person”, that is why he has the advantage of arriving “to a place where nothing is new” and where he feels “very wrapped up”.

The coach of the Verdiblancos said to have in the squad “important players” from whom he needs “their full involvement. They are valid players that you can take advantage of “, although “later, work will also be done to rebuild the team due to any exits that may exist.”

In the qualifying situation of Coosur Betis, “The result comes first, but the key is to know how to reach the result by the only way of getting the most out of each player, showing them on the court because now is not the time to philosophize”, said.

Berdi Pérez, sports director of the Seville entity, intervened at the press conference to stress that Luis Casimiro’s predecessor, Joan Plaza, “requested his dismissal. If someone does not want to continue, the club gives them facilities and looks for a coach who wants to be here. “

The Astigitanian sports director ignores “what Plaza means when he said that everyone did not go” hand in hand “at Coosur Betis,” already the club made an effort to bring in a new player “, Latvian center Anzejs Pasecniks, and has been “weeks working on other arrivals, knowing that there are players who can leave,” he said.


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