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Luis Campos calls an old acquaintance to reinforce Celta

The transfer market is closed but Luis Campos is working on the arrival of a midfielder he knows very well and would like to see in the Celta shirt

That’s no secret Louis Fields He has been working in the market to sign a new midfielder for the last few days Celtic. The Portuguese sporting director did everything to allow several players to arrive, but it wasn’t possible. That’s why the sky blues currently only have the solution to sign a soccer player without a team.

There are many of these, but from what we’ve learned, there’s one that sports management is particularly fond of. And it’s an old acquaintance of the Portuguese sporting director who will do everything in his power to bring him to Vigo. Therefore, Luis Campos would close the transfer chapter for Celta.

Luis Campos is looking for a midfielder for Celta
Xeka could end up wearing light blue

The midfielder Luis Campos wants at Celta

This summer Celta have been working on Vranckx’s signing. The Belgian midfielder was the club’s big target, who wanted to attract a young footballer who can already feature at a good level. However, no agreement could be reached on his transfer and the club is left without a midfielder.

In this situation, Luis Campos contacted Xeka. He knows the footballer very well as he was the one who brought him to Lille where he played a very important role. After ending his contract with Rennes, he is now waiting for a new project.

Xeka, a market opportunity

As a free agent Celta still have chances to sign Xeka. It’s not the first time they’ve taken an interest in the Portuguese footballer as he was already in the spotlight last summer. But now that he’s without a team it’s a much more realistic signing as it would come at zero cost.

It remains to be seen how it all ends, but for now Luis Campos is trying to finalize his contract for Celta. A signing that would mean a leap in quality for a midfield that currently only features Fran Beltrán, as Rafa Benítez has many doubts as to who his companion in the light blue midfield should be.

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