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Lufthansa buys 10 cargo planes and 7 passenger planes from Boeing

The German airline Lufthansa announced on Monday, May 9, the purchase of ten additional Boeings intended for the transport of goods as well as the acquisition of seven airliners 787-9 to compensate for the delay in the first deliveries of the new long-haul for 777X passengers. Regarding freight transport, Lufthansa has ordered, on the one hand, seven aircraft of the freighter version of the 777X, thus becoming the first European customer for this type of aircraft. Pending the delivery of the first units, scheduled for 2027, and given the current strong demand for the transport of goods, Lufthansa plans, on the other hand, to add three Boeing 777 freighters to its fleet: two ordered directly from the manufacturer and a third operated until recently by another company but which will be reassigned to Lufthansa in the coming weeks.

On the side of long-haul passenger aircraft, Lufthansa has ordered seven 787-9 Dreamliners in order to “fill the capacity gaps created by the delay in delivery” of the Boeing 777X, underlines the company in a press release. This aircraft was originally scheduled for delivery in 2020, but this date has been pushed back several times. Reassessing the time needed to meet the new requirements formulated by the aviation supervisory agency in the United States, Boeing again announced at the end of April that the first deliveries would not take place before 2025. Lufthansa will receive in 2025 and 2026 the last 787-9 ordered, initially intended for other companies, while Boeing is committed to delivering other aircraft of the same type already ordered a little earlier than expected.

A total order of 5.9 billion dollars

At 2019 list prices, the last year Boeing released indicative prices for its planes, the 777 freighter was worth $352.3 million and the 787-9 was worth $292.5 million. At the price quoted in an order from Qatar Airways in January, the freighter version of the 777X is worth around $400 million. The total order from Lufthansa would therefore theoretically be worth around 5.9 billion dollars. The actual price paid by the airlines, after negotiations, is however generally lower than the list price. The company notes in its press release that the new devices, which consume less kerosene, will enable it to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its margins.


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