Lucy Letby, the nurse who took the lives of seven babies

A British court has sentenced nurse Lucy Letby to life in prison for taking the life of seven babies and attempting to murder six other newborns.

The case of the 33-year-old serial killer has attracted international attention in recent days. She is the fourth woman in UK history to receive such a punishment.

Lucy Letby worked at the Countess of Chester Hospital in 2015 and 2016; There he administered insulin and air injections to his victims, babies who were in intensive care.

According to police investigations, the nurse came to take pictures with her victims and to offer her condolences to their families.

“This was a cruel, calculated and cynical campaign of infanticide involving the youngest and most vulnerable children,” said Judge James Goss at the sentencing.

During the trial, the serial killer denied the allegations, but police found notes at her home admitting to killing the babies on purpose.

“He caused deep psychological trauma, caused lasting suffering and guilt, strained relationships and destroyed the lives of all the families of all his victims,” ​​the judge concluded.

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