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Luck is like this! Bought lottery ticket to get rid, won 2 crore rupees

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New York: It is said that when the one above gives, he tears the roof. Taking this proverb as a reality, every one of us must have seen it at some point or the other. The case of Juan Garcia, a resident of North Carolina, America, is also similar. This 22-year-old young man had bought a lottery ticket to get rid of the money, but look at his luck, he got a reward of about Rs 2 crore on that ticket.

The lottery ticket was only 5 dollars

Juan Garcia, who lives in Durham, North Carolina, still can’t believe his luck. He needed free money to wash clothes. He went to a store and bought a Mega Bucks Limited Edition lottery ticket for $5 (approximately Rs.400). Speaking to North Carolina Education Lottery officials, Garcia said he had bought the ticket at University Market in Durham.

‘I kept counting the numbers of zero again and again’

Garcia said that when he scratched after buying the ticket, it had a reward of $ 2.5 lakh (about Rs 2 crore) written on it. He said that for a moment I could not believe it and I kept counting the numbers of zero again and again. Garcia says that with the money won, he will be able to take good care of his 6-month-old daughter. He said that this money would also go a long way in getting him the home of his dreams.

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