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Lucas, the hatred of skin and that habit of killing

Lucas, the hatred of skin and that habit of killing

How well hate is preserved in our days. That brown, viscous racial hatred of black bullets that has become entrenched in the liver of a part of the State security forces and in that accompaniment of porous skin of a sector of authoritarian society. That thick hatred that is entrenched to denigrate, persecute, exclude, dominate, extinguishing all traces of mercy, and where the human figure stops moving. Those uninhabited places, where human time ceases to exist, and the habit of killing flows, becomes banal, and becomes incomprehensible. That ghost of extreme violence and induced fear that one day will wake up at dawn to warn us that the existential abyss begins at the edge of our feet.

In this brief crack of light where we exist, Lucas Gonzalez is no longer with us. Since Maldonado, “Lolo” Regueiro, Fernando Báez Sosa, among others, are not. Souls that have already left life, in that horror that is born from the dehumanization of the other. In this sensation of estrangement from the real that could serve to inaugurate new ways of rethinking our place in the world regarding violence and murder. Think critically, emphatically, of resistance, against these new forms of barbarism.

Against that media ease that is so promiscuous with this world shot by extreme violence and false news, so courteous with militant and barracks extremism. A universe where ethical forms, solidarity and citizenship are weakened; where reflection, moderation and rationality disappear. Merchants of hatred and tension that idolize violence and its coercive pleasures.

The murder of Lucas González was excessively brutal, with hints of macabre cynicism: false leads, toy gun. Now the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) No. 25 sentences Police officers Gabriel Isassi, Fabián López and Juan José Nieva to life imprisonment, as well as three commissioners, a deputy commissioner and two officers, to sentences of three to four years for concealment. The ruling recognizes “institutional violence” and “racial hatred.” In their arguments, the two accusing parties had maintained that the brigade officers “chose” the boys due to class and racial prejudices when they saw them leave the property located at Villa 21-24. Héctor González, father of the victim, expressed: “Racism was demonstrated, the judges said so.” Horacio Pietragalla Corti, Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation, also highlighted the sentence for “racial hatred” and “institutional violence”, and He assured that it had been demonstrated “that this was a hunt and a stigmatization of the kids”.

Beyond the sentence, the pain lives on. This. It is in the flesh, in the bones, in the orphaned, uninhabited silences. In that irreparable sadness of those subjected without complaints. So much hate tires. But she always comes back, and scares. To understand a society you have to dig through its garbage. There is something more dangerous than believing that public opinion is always right, than believing that it is never right.

Journalist, former Vélez player, Spanish clubs and 1979 World Champion

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