Lucas Hernandez: the French international has until October 28 to enter prison

The noose tightens around Lucas Hernandez. Sentenced to six months in prison for not having respected a removal measure after domestic violence, the international tricolor appeared on Monday before a court in Madrid and now has until October 28 to enter voluntarily. prison in Spain, unless his appeal is accepted.

While he was expected, this Tuesday, the player of Bayern Munich, who must face Benfica with his club, Wednesday, in the Champions League, anticipated his summons to appear voluntarily before the Spanish justice at the end of the morning in order to be have their detention order notified. The “ten-day period to enter prison voluntarily” set by justice therefore runs from this Monday and will expire “on October 28,” said the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid. But the French defender, who appealed, can still escape prison if justice responds favorably to his appeal by the fateful date.

This sentence results from a case that dates back to February 2017. Lucas Hernandez, who was playing at Atlético Madrid at the time, had a violent argument with his wife, the couple exchanging blows and scratches in front of their home located in the Spanish capital. Both had been sentenced for domestic violence to 31 days of community service. And this sentence was accompanied by a ban on communication and coming closer than 500 meters from each other. But this removal measure had not been respected.

Four months later, Lucas Hernandez and his wife flew for a honeymoon in the United States, where they were married, before the player was arrested on his return to the airport, unlike his companion, who had not been formally notified of this removal measure. He was released after a few hours in police custody and sentenced to six months in prison in 2019. If he had appealed, his appeal was rejected last week by a court in Madrid which demanded his imprisonment, refusing that his sentence be adjusted as is the case in Spain for people sentenced to less than two years in prison and having a clean criminal record.

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The court recalled that Lucas Hernandez was a “recidivist delinquent” because of these convictions in 2017, then in 2019, but also of an “other conviction” for “domestic violence” whose date of the facts is not formally known. . This should not help the affairs of the 2018 world champion, nor of Bayern Munich and the France team.

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