Home Sports Lucas Hernández, in court: 10 days to go to prison

Lucas Hernández, in court: 10 days to go to prison

Lucas Hernández, in court: 10 days to go to prison

Lucas Hernández brought forward his appearance before the Criminal Court 32 of Madrid that he had summoned him “in order to be personally required so that he voluntarily enters the Penitentiary Center of his choice within ten days.” This is stated in the ordination diligence issued by the Administration of Justice after the sentence of six months in prison to the Bayern Munich defender for breaking a restraining order against his girlfriend.

In this way, Lucas has ten days from now, that is until October 28, to enter prison unless the appeal filed by his lawyers is processed on time by the judge of the Provincial Court. Taking into account the procedural deadlines, it seems difficult for this to happen, so it is likely that the former Atlético Madrid will have to start serving his sentence as of next Thursday, October 28.

At Bayern they continue to emphasize that this is a private matter for the player and that, as far as sports are concerned, they continue to count on Lucas. “I will be happy when he rejoins the team in Lisbon (Bayern will visit Benfica on Wednesday in the Champions League) and can play”, were the words of coach Julian Nagelsmann who, yes, is aware that he could run out of Lucas for practically the rest of the season if the appeal is dismissed.

This is the statement made public by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid:

Lucas Françoise BH has appeared at 11:30 am today, voluntarily, one day before being summoned by the Criminal Court No. 32 of Madrid, to be required to be admitted to prison for a crime of breach of sentence.

Given that the interested party has collected on October 18, 2021 the requirement to enter a penitentiary, the period of ten days for voluntary presentation in prison expires at 24:00 on Thursday, October 28.

At the same time, Section 26 of the Provincial Court of Madrid processes the appeal presented by its legal representation against the warrant of admission to prison.

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