LPG drops RD$2 and gasoline remains unchanged, reports Industry and Commerce

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce reported this Friday the reduction of RD$2 for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which will be sold at RD37.60 per gallon, while the one that the natural gas It will maintain its price at RD$38.97 per gallon.

This decrease corresponds to the fourth consecutive week that this derivative decreases in its cost for a total reduction of RD$ 10 during a month.

Other derivatives decreased between RD$5 and RD2.00 and the subsidy for the regular gasoline for RD$5.32 pesos.

For the week of May 27 to June 2, 2023, Premium and Regular Gasoline will maintain their price and will be sold at RD$291.60 and RD$221.60 per gallon, respectively.

Regular Diesel maintains its price of RD$221.60 per gallon and Optimum Diesel RD$239.10 per gallon.

While the Avtur RD74.72 per gallon registered an increase of RD$0.13.

Kerosene registered a reduction of RD2.00 to be sold at RD$301.10, Fuel Oil also dropped RD$5.00 per gallon and will be sold at RD76.61, Fuel Oil had a drop of RD$5.00 to be marketed at RD96.27 per gallon.

In the usual bulletin, the Vice Minister of Internal Commerce, Ramón Perez Fermin, indicated that the government maintains permanent monitoring of price behavior to take the actions that international fluctuations warrant and that, consequently, eventual market increases do not affect to citizenship.

The weekly average exchange rate is RD$54.63 from the daily publications of the Central Bank.

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