Lower House still does not elect its leader

Republicans on Thursday sought to name a speaker of the US House of Representatives and end three days of gridlock sparked by a handful of right-wing members.

Favorite to succeed Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Republican Kevin McCarthy tried to reach out and make concessions to the twenty or so elected representatives close to former President Donald Trump who resist him but their efforts were in vain. Those legislators did not support him in the ninth ballot held yesterday Thursday.

With the Chamber lacking a president, the representatives, elected in November, cannot be sworn in and, consequently, cannot vote on any bill.

“It is my hope that Republicans will end the arguing, bickering and backstabbing so that we can work in the service of the American people,” said Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries.

Important changes

McCarthy, who cannot be elected without the support of the rebel Republicans, accepted one of his requests to facilitate the dismissal of the “speaker”, as the speaker of the House is called, according to various US media. Still they didn’t choose him.

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