In Spain there are more than 29 million pets registered, that is, at least 40% of households have one but, although the majority are dogs and cats, rabbits and rodents also occupy a prominent place among household pets .

lovepetsa Spanish company specializing in animal feed, has become an international benchmark as a distributor of the best hay for exotic animals at a European level and, soon, they will also make the leap to the American continent.

But what does that mean in the vast world of animal feed?

In any pet store there is feed for rabbits with pipes, corn or seeds from bird feed, for example. Well, this type of food is really aggressive for the health of the animal. Our bet, from the beginning, has been to look for food that brings health, not takes it away, to pets. Hence our process of research and analysis by European producers” they explain from Columbus Pet World, of which LovePets is a brand.

And it is that LovePets opted to search in origin, traveling through Europe and personally visiting farmers who had their crops in French, German, Austrian and Swiss meadows. All because that is where the weather conditions generate a perfect and unique product.

Thus, knowing the process of cultivation, drying and bagging, in fact, the base of the product, it was possible to know the final product in depth. And that, the one that passed all the controls is the one that has reached its catalogue, introducing products that were unknown to markets such as the Spanish or Portuguese.

Compared to other countries, Spain is at a very high point of marketing healthy food for pets. But there was hardly any variety, hence the search for products in colder and more humid regions to introduce them in both the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

What was one of the first products introduced?

Hay from German, French and Austrian fields, followed closely by natural herbs and snacks of German origin. In fact, the sale of this imported product has multiplied its figures by 5 in just three years thanks to the quality, which has allowed LovePets to be the leading brand in the sale of niche food stores specializing in exotics with a turnover in this field that exceeds 5 million euros only in German and European hay.

Thanks to this effort, we are the first official and exclusive distributor of the best hays in Europe, with brands such as Natur Holz, Hubertus, Samerberger or AlmenHeu supplying us.” they comment.

Also thanks to the infrastructure they have created, with 3 warehouses strategically distributed in Madrid totaling more than 2,000 square meters, they are developing the first B2B distribution network in Spain, where they store the significant amount of 500 tons of imported food only in rabbits and rodents. This allows its products to reach more and more specialized veterinary clinics, reaching, thanks to all the effort, a growth of up to 230% in sales in the previous year.

As a distributor and as a store specialized in food for exotics, we are number 1 in all of Spain because we have the widest catalog and the largest number of exclusive brands.” they conclude.


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