Love and Forests: A Dangerously True Review

Adaptation of the novel byEric Reinhardt by Valerie Donzelli, love and forests stage Virginie Efira And Melvil Poupaud in a love storyvery) complicated where White fall under the spell of Gregoire Lamoureux, a seemingly good man who will turn out to be possessive, jealous and violent. The atypical description of a narcissistic pervert in short. The feature film was presented at Cannes Premiere at this year’s festival.

Every new movie from Virginie Efira is a small event as the actress is one of the most talented in the French cinematographic landscape. Benedetta of Paul Verhoeven rested entirely on his shoulders and See Paris again of winocourt earned her the much-deserved Cesar for Best Actress. She continues to affirm her stage presence in this chilling ” Love and Forests“, who knows how to leave you speechless with her unshakeable and all too real ability to present us on screen with a cruel and absolute truth that many women (and men) must suffer in their daily lives.

Everything seems meticulously calculated in the film by Valerie Donzelli until the choice of the frame. We really feel the pastiche “ docu-fiction » as if we were immersed in the daily life of one of these women victim of her spouse. Another successful side: the gradation of violence. His treatment avoids all pitfalls and clichés and is done intelligently, without artifice, without gestures ” of radiance cinematic. The relationship seems all good on the surface, a few awkward reproaches burst out, excuses rain down immediately after, the man doesn’t realize what he’s saying, how cruel, violent, viscous he can be.

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And yet, Donzelli carries all the power of the suggestion of its story by relegating the male protagonist to the background. What captivates us is the perception of this emerging disorder by White (Virginie Efira) and the rough way she imposes on herself to avoid her husband’s topic of conversation. A clear way to present his desire to put blinders on the face of reality to keep only the positive. Virginie Efiraonce again, literally bursts the screen in Whiteespecially since this time she does not interpret one but two characters at the same time, further strengthening her ability to take center stage. Melvil Poupaud he is chilling, tyrannical, perverse and does well in a role (very) difficult.

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Never fortuitous, theLove and Forests remains a true theater cinema score – dramatic – which strikes with its intense capacity to transcribe just emotions and a major problem of our society. An important and disturbing work that also reminds us how much everything touches Virginie Efira turns to gold.

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