Lovatón ensures 90% of the cargo goes through X-rays

The general director of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, affirmed that 90% of the cargo that enters the Dominican Republic is inspected by the X-ray system, which has allowed collections to increase from 19% to 25%.

In an interview offered to the Hoy Mismo program, broadcast by channel 9, the incumbent of the DGA reported that, as a result of the success in collections as a result of the installation of X-rays in the ports of Haina and Caucedo, the institution prepares to install these along the entire border with Haiti.

The official indicated that the implementation of this system has led to the recognition of the United States customs, with whom even the DGA signed a cooperation agreement last year.

Puerto Plata Tender

Sanz Lovatón expressed that he will be calling for a public tender for the X-ray installation in Puerto Plata, in order to further optimize surveillance with non-intrusive technology, in order to maintain the pace of collections, which for the first time exceeded the RS$200 billion in 2022.

“Thanks to the economic recovery policies of President Luis Abinader, and the levels of transparency, the Dominican Republic is a model in customs matters since the country has already become a regional logistics hub because various international brands are installing their assembly centers in the country to export from here to the rest of the world”, indicated the general director of Customs.


Sanz Lovatón also referred to the recent promulgation of the Regulations of the new General Customs Law by the Executive Power.

He affirmed that, with the promulgation of this regulation, the country has a legal framework approved by the World Customs Organization (WCO), which further fosters confidence and the attraction of international capital to operate from our country, with a clear and transparent legal certainty.

The Executive Branch promulgated at the beginning of this week the general application regulations for the new Customs Law 168-21, which will regulate and guarantee the correct application of said law.

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