Losing 30kg weight is easy, meet Sonakshi Sinha’s fitness background…

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is making headlines these days due to her movie ‘Double XL’. Sonakshi Sinha has gained 15kg for this movie, but do you know that Sonakshi who has gained 15kg for Double XL, Sonakshi himself had also lost 30kg to enter the world of cinema? Yes, before her entry in Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg’ movie, Sonakshi worked hard on her fitness. Sonakshi’s weight used to be 95 kg before she entered the world of cinema. Sonakshi recently talked about her fitness journey in one of her interviews.

In this latest interview, Sonakshi said that “I was trolled a lot because of my weight, I was overweight since childhood. I used to weigh 95kg in my childhood. I used to actively participate in sports, but the rest of the kids at school used to bullied me a lot. He used to not get leading roles in school. He always used to make me stand aside as a narrator.

Sonakshi further says, “This story didn’t end here, when I lost 30kg for my first film Dabangg, people in the industry and the media criticized me a lot for my weight. Sonakshi had stopped eating junk food along with daily exercise to lose 30 kg. Followed a strict diet. During weight loss, Sonakshi Sinha used to prefer to eat homemade food. He used to keep fit by eating green tea and fruits. Sonakshi Sinha used to try to drink as much water as possible in a day.

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