At the conclusion of the second day of the International White Marlin Fishing Tournament organized by the Santo Domingo Nautical Club in the fifty-sixth edition, the “Los Modelos” team took command of the fair that began last Wednesday with a special dedication to Don Miguel Barceló Sampol, in memoriam.

The tournament, under the direction of Horacio Read Villanueva, concludes this Saturday with the third and final day. In total, more than one hundred fishermen participate in 26 boats from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the United States and the host Dominican Republic.

“Los Modelos” occupies the top position with 2,400 points and has fishermen Jahrold Maizo, Faustino García and Braizon Cedeño in the Liquid, Fresh Air and Bandolera boats, respectively. The second box is for the “Caribbean Team”, which came out ahead during the first day and now has 1,800 points. It is made up of Oscar Benito in Fresh Air, Juan Colón aboard Ángela and José Dever sailing in Sissu.

Then follows “Sin Prisa”, with 1,300 points and made up of Luis Clavell, Ray Matías and Eric Vásquez, all in the boat of the same name. “The Champions” moved up to fourth place with 1,200 points. It is made up of José Enrique Heinsen, Wally Heinsen and Rafael (Raffy) Merino.

In the individual aspect Humberto -Ito- Quintana maintains dominance, in the Sissu boat, with 1,200 points. Second place goes to Faustino García in Fresh Air with the same score and third place belongs to Juan Nieves, in Liqueo, with a thousand points.

By boats, the Sissu controls the rest of the boats now with 2,250 points, followed by Bandolera with 2,100 and the third position is for Fresh Air, also with 2,100 points. In fourth place is Sin Prisa with 1,600 points.

For this Saturday, the last date of the contest, the boats launched lines into the water at 8:00 in the morning to lift them at 4:00 in the afternoon. At night, the closing ceremony will take place for the award ceremony for the winners.

The marine classic is broadcast live for the first time on the Sport Fishing Championship (SFC) YouTube channel and on CBS Sports Network.


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