Los Angeles Lakers don’t believe LeBron James’ retirement

The withdrawal of LeBron James was not something he saw coming, but after the loss in the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs, the Akron player has confirmed that he has to think about whether or not to return next season

A few hours after Carmelo Anthony confirmed his withdrawal, Lebron James He has hinted that his goodbye is near. In fact, the top scorer in the history of the nba and one of the best players we have ever seen, has confirmed that it is not guaranteed that he will return next season with the Los Angeles Lakers after being defeated in the playoffs.

Everything has happened after the Denver Nuggets swept the Los Angeles team in the Western Conference Finals, which has been able to do little against Jokic and Murray who have been extraordinary throughout the tie. A tie that could have been the last of LeBron James in the NBAbecause he would be seriously considering the withdrawal.

LeBron James has left his retirement up in the air this summer
LeBron is seriously considering retirement

LeBron James reveals his retirement in Los Angeles Lakers

After being defeated, LeBron James assured that he has a lot to think aboutabout whether to continue playing basketball. Of course, he has assured that he loves to play and compete and that this season he has had a great time because of how challenging the challenge has been. But it is not at all clear that he will continue playing in the NBA next season.

How could it be otherwise, and even less after registering a 40-10-9, the alarms have gone off in the Los Angeles Lakers and among the fans. But the truth is that for now the franchise does not fear the goodbye of LeBron James. And it is that he considers that it is something normal after a season as demanding as the one they have experienced this year.

Bronny, key to his future

As he has declared on many occasions, one of his great dreams is to play with his son in the NBA. This will not happen yet and, in fact, there is still a full season left for the two to meet on the court. And it is that Bronny will not be able to be selected in the Draft until 2024, so that LeBron James will have to play this season and the next.

So that, Los Angeles Lakers consider that LeBron James will continue one more season, As minimum. It will be then when, just a few months after fulfilling his goal of playing with his son, he will evaluate whether to continue in the NBA or not. But it seems that for the moment there is no need to fear about the withdrawal of the ‘King’. And it is that he still has to meet one of the biggest challenges of his career.

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