Lorenzo did not want to go back with Ducati

Lorenzo did not want to go back with Ducati

ducati is in fashion with its titles of MotoGP Y superbike at the hands of Bagnaia Y alvaro bautista. A double that has put the Italian house at the top and that has returned some titles that they had been chasing since 2007, in the case of the prototypes, and 2011, in the derivatives, respectively.

In MotoGP it was Casey Stoner who led to Borgo Panigale to his first championship and between the Australian and Bagnaiarecent champion, went through the desmosedici official Hayden, Rossi, Crutchlow, Iannone, Pirro, Lorenzo, Petrucci and Miller. The best results came with the runners-up for Stoner in 2008, the three for ‘Dovi’ and the one for Bagnaia in 2021, but the highest rung was resisting. In 2017 and 2018 Jorge Lorenzo was Dovizioso’s partner in the red box, and the results were not as expected for a five-time world champion like the Spaniard, who after two years left Ducati to sign for Sling and finally retire in 2019.

Since his departure from worldThere was much speculation about Lorenzo’s return to the championship, and especially he was linked to Ducati, something that he himself has now confirmed in an interview with the Chain BE: “Both in 2020 and 2021 I had two opportunities to return to Ducati. At the last moment I didn’t feel passionate and wanted to sign and I backed down, but yes, there were those possibilities, but I made the best decision because I had more to lose than to gain”. Over time Lorenzo explains that he made the right decision to stay away from the grid: “Sometimes you have to know when to stop. This is a risky sport when you can get hurt. I didn’t want to take risks because I no longer felt the need to run.”

Looking back, Lorenzo assures that the Desmosedici that he rides and the 2022 world champion have noticeable differences, and he believes that with the current bike, his results would have been much better: “Surely if in 2017 he had had the Ducati that have today, my results would have been much better. When I arrive gigi in 2014, step by step and between trials and errors, he succeeded. Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, both from the technical point of view and from the pilot’s point of view, so that there can be many competitive bikes and, for the moment, they are unstoppable”, he concludes.


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