The digitization it is increasingly essential in the online worldespecially after the arrival of COVID-19, which has caused a significant change in the profiles of buyers in the online world.

L’Oréal, colossus of the cosmetics sectorto respond to this change in the profile of users, who increasingly demand a more personalized service, to offer their customers in their online stores and in the marketplaces that sell their products, has launched a innovative service in terms of shopping experience on-line: the project of the beauty advisor in the chat.

The brands of the L’Oréal group have always invested a great deal of effort in order to offer excellent customer service in store, and for this reason it has wanted to replicate on its websites, offering, through of the chatthe same personalized advice service, with specialists that it now attends in e-commerce.

Its team is made up of 18 specialists, who know perfectly all its brands, the catalogue, the formulation, and the philosophy of each brand, so that they can always recommend the most suitable product to satisfy the needs of their customers.

To offer this service, they have Oct8ne’s chatthe only one on the market with visual support, sales focused, and thus offer a fully personalized advice service, understand the customer’s needs at all times, and suggest products in real time, guiding them to checkout. Oct8ne also has a system of conversational chatbot without code, and the integration of the main messaging channels (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram), all manageable in the same dashboard, maintaining that visual characteristic that differentiates it from the other chats on the market.

What is a beauty advisor and what does the project consist of?

To understand more about this project, you have to see in more depth what a beauty advisor is and how it works on a practical level.

An beauty adviser is a specialist with great knowledge of the brand, whose main objective is to advise at a point of sale, satisfy needs and create a unique experience for the consumer. With the arrival of the pandemic, the need has arisen to be able to offer this unique experience also in an online store and in third-party stores that sell L’Oréal productsso that online consumers can enjoy the same quality service as physical stores.

In this way, a user who enters the Primor website and looks at products from L’Oréal group brands will be assisted by a L’Oréal beauty advisor, through the Oct8ne chat.

We have been able to carry out this project thanks to the wonderful Oct8ne tool, thanks to Marc and his entire team, because they made everything very easy for us and we are very happy. We have no plans to change it for any other chat tool because it has everything that any small, medium or large company could need.“, Quotes Sofía Marcos Senior Trainer customer service L’Oréal

How has the project been implemented and how are e-retailer chats assigned?

One of the initial functionalities of the software, when the company was founded, was precisely that of being able to replicate in the online world what large retailers were already doing in physical stores, that is, allowing brands, to be able to attend also on third-party websites. So when L’Oréal wanted to launch this project, the implementation by Oct8ne did not require any extra development, because the software had already been designed to be able to comply with these functionalities, which LÓreal was a pioneer in implementing with the Beauty project. advisors on third-party websites.

Regarding the management and assignment of chats, the Oct8ne chat allows create departments in your panel, and each department is assigned groups of agents. The distribution of the chats is totally customizable and agile, chats are automatically assigned to each agentstarting with the one with the least activity at the time the conversation is assigned by the system or the bot.

How is the use of chat on the web evolving?

According to L’Oréal data, chat is the most demanded channel – probably also for its anonymity component that other channels do not allow – in 2021 they have had 53,000 requests for help on livechat, an average of 3 conversations per hour for each agent, while the chatbot has managed 17,000 queries.

The fact that the bot answers so many queries about the order status, store hours, etc. It allows beauty advisors more time to engage in conversations that convert and deliver an ultra-personalized experience.

Furthermore, the fact having an active bot in your store limits response timeswhich is an essential factor if you want to provide a quality service to the user.

Contact the Oct8ne team, so they can study the best way to take advantage of the chat integration on your website and make your business stand out from the rest, offering a top service thanks to the personalized visual attention and automation it offers! this unique tool on the market!

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