López de Abetxuko will undergo surgery on Monday

Andoni López de Abetxuko rode the Tour of Portugal last year with Caja Rural. he was of staigiare with the Navarrese like his then teammate from Alava Joseba López Cuesta. The second continued enrolled with the typesetters but Abetxuko signed with Euskaltel Euskadi. “The Saudi Tour was the first stage race of the season for me and I think things were going well for me with an eleventh and twelfth place in the early stages. but on Thursday I broke the ground”, he assured Diario AS.

An indefensible maneuver by a rival that caused the final explosion. The judges disqualified the other cyclist and Abetxuko ended up in the hospital. “He knows very well what he did, the rest of his colleagues also saw it. I prefer not to talk about him but if he was thrown out of the race it is because the judges saw something strange. I hardly remember the fall, I only know that I have to have an operation,” he added. The cyclist does not want to give clues but the only rider disqualified that Thursday was the Italian Nicolas Dalla Valle. White and bottled…

Regarding his future, he said that “at first it seemed that it was not necessary to go through the operating room but, in these cases, it is best to have surgery. The breaking of the clavicle is something common when you are a cyclist. You have to get it to stay aligned. In addition, I have a broken scaphoid, which is less serious, and four ribs which is what bothers me when breathing. All the damage was done to the right side, ”she explained.

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The prestigious traumatologist Mikel Sánchez will operate on Monday at the Vithas San José Clinic in Vitoria. Sánchez has worked with First Division players, basketball professionals, Rafa Nadal and King Emeritus among others. “I know that I am in the best hands and, in that sense, I am calm. In a month I will get on the roller to return to the competition as soon as possible. It was scheduled for races in Portugal and Belgium but it is clear that I will have to wait”, concluded the orange rider from Salvatierra-Agurain.

Euskaltel-Euskadi has contested seven races so far and has nine Top-10s with five cyclists, Xabier Mikel Azparren, Carlos Canal, Juanjo Lobato, Gotzon Martín and Antonio Soto entering the leading positions in the races. They have been protagonists in breakaways and have won two team events. The cross has been the falls of Asier Etxeberria, Ibai Azurmendi, Enekoitz Azparren and Abetxuko himself. Now they face, like almost everyone, the races in Murcia, Almería, Jaén, Vuelta a Andalucia or appointments in Portugal and Belgium among other countries.

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