López-Chacarra: “I have come to make history in Spanish golf”

Eugene Lopez-Chacarra (Madrid, 22 years old) has seen how overnight the balance of his checking account grew by €4.88 million. She is paid for three days of work, including victory, her first as a professional, at LIV in Bangkok (Thailand). While your phone burns, this kid who gave the jumped directly to the Saudi super league from Oklahoma State University, without going through the PGA or European Tour, traditional circuits, attends AS before traveling to Jeddah (Arabia), where for LIV this week.

How does it feel to have a check of that magnitude in front of you?

Money is a bit of a minus. The happiness of being able to win a tournament and the best in the world is something unique. All the work of my family and the people who have been by my side since I was little has paid off and it is a great feeling. It is to see that all your work has been worth something. I’m already thinking about giving everything in Jeddah (Arabia, next stop of the LIV from this Friday). I am one of those who quickly forgets the victories and the defeats.

He is the Spanish athlete who has won the most money in a single event.

Breaking records is always nice. See that all your work bears fruit. Eager to continue working and improving as a player.

What has changed from the first tournaments? Because it was difficult for him to start (his top so far was 25th in Chicago).

The first few tournaments weren’t bad, but they weren’t at the level I wanted to display either. It’s a new world, great players, and you have to adapt. I was talking with my best friend, Gonzalo (Soraluce bread), and we came to the conclusion that my coach, Antonio Barquero, had to travel with me. He already came to Chicago and now to Bangkok. I signed Adolfo Luna as a caddy, who was already in Chicago as well, and coming with the two of them has been key in this victory

How is the LIV inside?

In the end, we are golf players who want the best for this sport. They are doing things really well, everyone is very happy and the best in the world compete. The format is impeccable. Everyone wants to win, do well. It’s a unique union and I really think people will like it. There are many who are following him already. Here you can support a shield, a team, it’s similar to Formula 1.

Rahm celebrated his victory after win him in Madrid.

It is an honor that Jon tries to calm everything down. It is what we want, to be united and play the best against the best. For Spanish golf and sport, what he has done is something unique. That someone like him names you, congratulates you and recognizes your work is very great. He has competed against everyone who plays at LIV and he knows how hard it is to beat them. I will always be a fan and I will support him in his tournaments.

What do you think of the world ranking’s refusal to include them for now?

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It seems that everything will turn out fine. What they have done (the LIV, allied with the MENA Tour as an umbrella to request your entry) Meets all requirements. On Tuesday (for today) or Wednesday (morning) are going to make a deal to make Bangkok count. It would be very good for me because I don’t defend points and I would take several for having won. Whatever happens, I am here progressing as a person and a golfer. I’ll have time to think about other things. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

López-Chacarra, with the rest of the Fireballs in Bangkok.


López-Chacarra, with the rest of the Fireballs in Bangkok.NurPhotoGetty

Do you dream of the Ryder?

It would be amazing to play it. I have no idea what I should do (at the moment LIV golfers do not add points in the European and American rankings). I’m out to play golf, not politics. I was very excited that Luke Donald (european captain) congratulate me. Eager to continue working and show the world of golf what I can do.

And from now what?

This is like when you give a candy to a child, who then wants more. I want more than ever to win. I have already seen what it is and I want more and more.

Now that you rub elbows with the greats of the sport, what are they like over short distances?

They are all magnificent people, competitors once they reach the tournament, but being the youngest, they all show me great affection, they give me a lot. In my team (the fireballs), Carlos Ortiz, Ancer and Sergio García have welcomed me as one more and have taught me. I thank you for the trust and for the treatment. Without Sergio it would not have been possible, I want to thank him for everything he does for me. We had a chat before playing. He told me to go out and enjoy myself, that he had earned it, and to give it all. He came running to 18 to see me. Having my idol watch me win my first tournament is something unique. I will always be grateful to him.

So Sergio is your reference?

And Seve since I was little, because my father is from Santander. But I’ve always wanted to be like Sergio. He was the one who won everything when I was little and represented Spain in the big tours.

Have you had a rain of calls since Sunday?

I have had many. I want to apologize to everyone I haven’t been able to serve. I have focused more on enjoying myself with my family and friends.

What did your sister tell you?Carolina, a golfer like him, still at Wake Forest University)?

He called me the first with my father. She was delighted. She had a tournament, but she stayed up to see me.

What is the first thing you are going to buy?

I’m not much of a spender. I have been lucky to have everything I have ever needed. My father and Gonzalo bring me the subject of money. I’m not planning to buy anything special. I will invest in things that they consider necessary, but money is the least of it. I have come to make history in Spanish golf.

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