Lopetegui forces Sevilla FC to bid high for Isco

Although they still have possibilities, this is still a very complex issue.

Sevilla F.C. has never been forgotten Isco Alarcon not much less. And after everything that happened at the request of Julen Lopetegui, he is the player to choose to reinforce the upper zone of the attack, in the midst of a movement that has everything, including drama.

At a press conference, the coach stated that he continues to press for his wish to be fulfilled, that he has like any sports lover and dedicated to his team. He knows everything that he can contribute and apart from all the personal qualities and that he knows in advance in the past.

Seville Isco
Isco is getting ready to leave Real Madrid, and has 3 teams on his agenda to continue his career, including Sevilla.

Complex but not impossible, this is the marathon that Sevilla FC must complete to sign Isco

Here not only the wishes of a team manager are valid, here many more factors of incidence are worth. One of them is the market value, and when it is or remains free, any offer that comes from outside has to be matched. On that, the coaching staff and managers agree, who already work with that issue on top.

What is known at the moment is that an England club is closely following these projections and pressing for the agreement to be made. A topic that sets off the alarms, and makes those in charge of the hiring field in the Seville team think more.

A fixed to bid for what you have and aspire to obtain titles

Lopetegui continued the talk stating that although it is preceded by numbers in red, his talent is something that cannot be erased. In fact, it is from the year 1992, and sooner or later football itself is going to take care of giving him the necessary revenge. It is what he believes, because he knows him and knows what he stands for in case of error.

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Isco has affirmed that this subject has him thoughtful and has allowed progress to be made in this regard. He wants to play and he knows that with the former national team he is going to get it. So in the absence of very little for the certification of that chance, things are quite inclined for it to end up being sealed.

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